Monthly Archives: November 2007

Get Snag-It for Free

TechSmith’s super fabulous give away continues with a free copy of version 7 (current version is 8.2) of Snag-It.

This is the very best screen capture utility, bar none. If you ever need to do screen caps, you need Snag-It. Plus, Snag-It has a simple screen recorder built in as well. You won’t get all the editing features of Camtasia – but, if you are smart, you’ve already gotten them by downloading the free copy of Camtasia Studio 3, anyway.

Don’t wait – get Snag-It

Go to Old Apps and grab a copy of Snag-It v7.2

Then head over to TechSmith’s UK site and get the free registration key

That’s all there is to it – no gimmicks, no gotchas. And you are now eligible to upgrade for half price to Snag-It v8


Get Camtasia For Free

I just read about a fabulous deal on Bill Myers wonderful site ( )

TechSmith is offering free downloads of Camtasia 3. The current version is Camtasia 5 – but you won’t be as far behind as that sounds. Camtasia 4 is only around 9 months old – and plenty of users are still on version 3.

If you’ve been wanting to investigate Camtasia, but have been scared off by the price tag – here’s a great way to begin.

Go to:

Download and install Camtasia

Then go to and apply for your free registration key.

As far as I can tell, this is an absolutely legitimate offer directly from TechSmith. And if you find that you love Camtasia as much as I do, you’ll be eligible to upgrade for half price. How can you lose? Do it before TechSmith comes to their senses!


Using Video on eBay Now Available

The entire 4 Part Internet Workshop – Using Video on eBay – that was presented in September by Ghost Leg Media and the Online Success Institute is now available for order as a 5 CD set. The set also includes a fifth Bonus CD, which includes audio and iPod versions of the entire series plus two great ebooks – The eBay Seller’s Guide to Video and How to Squidoo.

If you haven’t picked up you copies of the DVDs, Adding Video to eBay Auctions and Everyone’s Guide to Photo Story 3, check out the special Holiday Bundle. It’s a savings of over 20% – plus free shipping!