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Camtasia Tips from TechSmith

TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia and Snag It, is offering 30 tutorials again. You may have caught the original 30 Tips in 30 Days that was used to launch Camtasia 4. Oddly, nothing so ambitious greeted the launch of Camtasia 5 – but TechSmith is making up for the pre-launch blahs by scattering tutorials throughout their blog.

There have been several good tips lately. Today’s tip explains one workaround to get more than 2 audio tracks into your Camtasia recordings. A previous tip covered Basic Audio Editing.

Whether you are a seasoned Camtasia user or a beginner – TechSmith tutorials are a gold mine of information. Make the time to view the training videos for both Camtasia 4 and Camtasia 5 in the TechSmith Learning Center.

Get SkypeCap for Free Today

Give Away of the Day is offering Skypecap today, Jan 13, 2008, only.

The developers say, “SkypeCap is the complete resource for capturing and recording Skype audio and video sessions in real time.”

Although there are lots of other applications that record Skype calls, if you use Skype for podcasting or want to record webcasts that you listen to on Skype, this could be a very useful addition to your toolkit. Especially while it is free.

Tomorrow, the price goes back up to $50 and the value of this particular recorder goes back into the “It costs how much??” column. Grab and activate it today, evaluate at your leisure.

Programs Mentioned In Today’s Podcast

As promised – here are the download links to the programs we discussed on the OSI Rockstars webinar today:

Camtasia & Snag It

Color Cop


MS Publisher

Vista Print


Mind Manager 7

True Box Shot


JW Flash Player

AFC Embeddable FLV Player

JW Media Player


Primo PDF


JW MP3 Player

JW Media Player

1Pixel Out MP3Player

Webinar Today at Noon

Dany Byrne from Ghost Leg Media is the guest his week on Success With Cindy, presented by The Online Success Institute and OSI RockStars.

Dany will explain some of the tools she uses to produce books, brochures, and videos for eBay sellers and the ways these same products can help eBay Educational Specialists sell their services, market upcoming classes, and turn one time students into long term clients.

Don’t miss this FREE webinar at the special time on noon on Monday, Jan 7 – you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be to create professional promotional material.

Register at

Small Wonder picked the Flip Cam as the most innovative camcorder of 2007. But the Flip wasn’t the only tiny, USB camcorder on the market.

RCA’s Small Wonder camcorder is very similar – and it is on sale at for $89.00


At less than 4.5″ tall and 2.5″ wide, this tiny camera weighs just 0.22 lbs. Drop it in a pocket and take it with you everywhere you go!

This camcorder certainly won’t give you the sorts of pictures the Canon HV20 will – but if you want to take simple videos to upload to You Tube, the Small Wonder is a great starter camera.

Camcorder of the Year

Everyone is raving about the Canon HV20. Several year end round ups have chosen it as Camcorder of the Year.

It was originally priced in the neighborhood of $1,000.00 The street price is now closer to $650.00 – and it produces images comparable to camcorders costing 2 or 3 times more.


Canon HV20 3MP High Definition MiniDV Camcorder with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

If you are in the market for a camcorder – this is the one to watch. Other, newer models may be introduced at CES this week, but they’ll be much more expensive. And they’ll be hard pressed to match this quality. Take a look at these videos:

Sony Vegas – Cheap!

The full edition of Sony Vegas is one of the most powerful video editing programs available. It is also quite expensive. List price is $585.00.

But here’s a completely legitimate way to get Vegas 6 for just $79.00 from B&H Photo.


Then, you can either stay at Vegas 6 and you’ll have saved over $500.00 or you can upgrade to Vegas 8 for just $99.00 – and save more.


You’ll have a full, licensed, legal copy of Sony Vegas Pro 8 normally priced at around $600.00 for under $200.00. Amazing!