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A Dozen Low Cost or No Cost Ways to Market Your Book – Part 1


Many of us have taken advantage of POD technology to publish our own books. POD – or Print On Demand – shouldn’t be confused with vanity presses. Although POD publishers don’t have the power or resources of a major publishing house, they can be extremely profitable – especially when the publisher and the author are the same person.

But how can you let the world know that your work is waiting to be discovered?

1 Join Amazon Advantage

What are the requirements for joining Advantage?

• You must have North American distribution rights for each title.
• You must have an e-mail address and internet access.
• You must have a scannable ISBN/EAN/UPC barcode on every item.
• You must comply with Membership Agreement and Rules and Instructions

How much does Advantage cost, and what are the terms?

There is an annual fee of $29.95 to be a member of Advantage. Your fee includes unlimited title enrollment, access to our Vendor Services team, and access to the Vendor web site to manage your account. The standard terms for Advantage vendors is 55% – you keep 45% of the List Price. That means that is entitled to 55% of the List Price for each unit that sells. You, the vendor, receive 45% of the List Price. You set the List Price, also known as Suggested Retail Price, of your products, and all payments made to you are calculated based on the List Price. If decides to further reduce the sales price to the customer below the List Price, the customer discount comes out of’s percentage. For example, if the List Price is $39.95, you will make $17.98 from each copy sold, even if the Customer Price or Our Price on is discounted from the List Price.

2 Sell Your Book on eBay

Learn about best practices for selling on eBay through Cindy Shebley’s classes and by joining OSI Rock Stars.

Also recommended – 5 Steps to Success by Cindy Shebley

3 Create a Blog About Your Book

Use a WordPress blog (free) to promote your book. This will be easy to set up, is keyword and search engine optimized, and can be updated without any knowledge of web sites or web site software.

If you need help, D Byrne Associates offers assistance tailored made for your business and your personal level of technical expertise, from novice to pro.

PART 2 will be posted tomorrow

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If you live in the Puget Sound region and you want to learn how to publish your own book – Dany Byrne, Publisher of Ghost Leg Press, will be teaching a one day seminar at Everett Community College on May 10. Register online at Everett Community College

Flip Video Camcorder & 4 CD Video Seminar

Are you using video yet in your eBay auctions or other online offerings?

If not – what’s holding you back? Most people I talk to cite two reasons for not jumping into the video revolution:

  1. It’s too expensive
  2. It’s too complicated

Well – that’s no longer true. The Flip video camcorder has made it super simple to shoot, edit, and upload video to You Tube. Check out the video posted on April 17 to see how simple it truly is. You can go from shooting, to uploading to your computer, to editing, to You Tube in under 5 minutes!

Cindy Shebley has prepared a special bundle for members of OSI Rock Stars – and she’s agreed to give readers of this blog a chance to get in on this early bird special offer as well.

Several months ago, Ghost Leg Media hosted a four hour seminar that covered everything you need to know about shooting, editing, and posting video online. These classes were not just theory – they were designed for online sellers, with the goal of boosting your profits. The series was extremely popular – and is now available on 4 CDs.

Cindy has combined the Flip Camcorder and the 4 CD set into a super bundle. Not only will you be shooting video immediately, but you’ll have the tools you’ll need in the future to expand your business.

You can pre-order this amazing bundle directly from Cindy. She’s even offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You won’t find a better deal.

Flip Camcorder plus 4 CD How To Use Video Seminar Bundle

Pay Less for Good A/V Equipment

Here’s a tip on buying used audio/video equipment on eBay – look for rental businesses cutting back on inventory or A/V stores that are going out of business. They often sell slightly older – but very high quality – accessories in lots of 3 or 5. (I’m talking about screens, carts, stands, etc – not projectors) You’ll often get a low per item price.

Sell the extras – and 9 times out of 10, you’ll get yours (the one you keep) for free.

I bought 3 Premium DaLite Project-O-Stands for ~$200, including shipping. Sold 2 for the going eBay rate of $100 each. This allowed me to keep the best one for myself – and it ended up costing me about $5 instead of $100.

I recall Janelle Elms telling a similar story about projector bulbs during an eBay University talk (probably where I got the idea, actually).

It can take time to find these sorts of lots, so look before you need them, do some research on the brand names and sell through rates, and be ready to jump when the opportunity arises.

Camtasia 5.1 Released

Techsmith has released an upgrade to Camtasia 5 with several new features:

  • New callouts shine the spotlight on your content
  • Add background music with a third audio track
  • Deliver screencasts to millions of iPhone and iPod Touch users
  • Customize Flash FLV videos with TechSmith ExpressShow
  • Build a Web menu for your videos with Camtasia Theater

I’m especially excited by the 3rd audio track – something I’ve wanted since Camtasia 3.

This release also fixes the “chipmunk” problem that was created by the last Adobe Flash upgrade (which Adobe still hasn’t addressed). So all in all – if you own Camtasia 5, download and install this free upgrade. If you’ve been curious about Camtasia, download the trial.

I’ll write more about my experience with this upgrade after I’ve produced a few FLVs.