About Ghost Leg Media

Dany Byrne - Blogger for Information Sells

Dany Byrne - Blogger for Information Sells

Dany Byrne is the editor-in-chief of Ghost Leg Media. Throughout the 1990’s, Dany owned an organic gardening store – which gave her a strong appreciation for the struggles of small businesses as well as insight into the world of niche marketing. As web sales became a larger and more important component of all retail businesses, Dany turned her attention to information product creation for internet entrepreneurs. With Cindy Shebley, she co-founded Ghost Leg Media.

Ghost Leg was named for O’Malley, a three-legged tabby cat. O’Malley, injured and lost, was found wandering in a sparsely populated area of northern Puget Sound, with a leg so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. When Dany adopted him, O’Malley had just completed his post-surgical recovery. His side was shaved and his scar still looked raw and painful. O’Malley was so skittish and frightened he wouldn’t come out from under the couch. That is, until Jett, an 8 week old kitten, perched on the top of the sofa peering down at O’Malley, lost her balance and fell on his head. Instead of panicking or growling, O’Malley began to purr as he licked the kitten. He adopted her as his own and carefully raised her.

O'Malley and Jett Happy Togrther

O Malley and Jett Happy Together

Today, they are both healthy and happy. O’Malley runs with the dogs, climbs to the tops of bookcases, and shows no signs of being slowed down by his missing leg. Except when he scratches (or tries to scratch) his ear. Then you can see the muscles rippling in his side as he uses his Ghost Leg to reach a particularly troublesome spot.

Ghost Leg’s name is a tribute to O’Malley’s indominable spirit – and as a reminder that anything is possible if you keep working.

Ghost Leg Media specializes in information and materials for online entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on eBay sellers and internet retailers. You can find a listing of our books, CDs, DVDs, published by Ghost Leg Press, as well as free online tutorials at http://www.ghostleg.com

If you are interested in using Ghost Leg Production’s media creation services for you business, please visit http://www.ghostlegproductions.com for a full list of services, including DVD duplication, ebook cover creation, and editing.

If you have any questions about Ghost Leg’s products or services, please contact us. We will respond promptly to all requests or questions.