Sep 07 2009

WordPress Under Attack

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Word Press 2.8.4 Available

Upgrade to Word Press 2.8.4

Any version of WordPress older than WordPress v2.8.4 is vulnerable to a new attack.

So first, before reading any further, take a minute and upgrade your blog. Remember to

    1. Back up
    2. Disable all plugins

After the upgrade, re-enable you plugins and you should be back in business.

Now that your blog is up to date and is patched against further attack, here’s what to look for to see if you were hacked:

  • A change in your permalink structure that adds a long string of gooble-de-gook to pretty permalinks. The words “eval” and “base64_decode” will appear somewhere in the new structure.
  • The addition of a new (and possibly hidden) administrator in your User panel. It may appear as Admin(2) or you may find that when you tote up the users and administrators the total doesn’t match the total figure shown on the User panel.

Lorelle has more details and suggestions on how to clean up your blog if it was hacked.

Don’t shrug this off as something that happens to “other people.”  These attacks are run by robot; they are not aimed at any particular target. If your blog is vulnerable, it will eventually be hacked.

Here are some extra security measures that require no special knowledge or expertise before you can use them. They can keep you safe:

  • Add the Antivirus plugin and use it.
  • Don’t use “Admin” as your Admin name. In fact, don’t use any Admin name that is connected to you or to the blog or that can be easily guessed. Save the friendly name for the “Nickname” under which your posts will appear. Make your log in secure.
  • Turn off automatic user registration
  • Keep all your plugins up to date. Turn off or delete unused plugins.

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