Dec 19 2009

WordPress 2.9 Released

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WordPress 2.9 is now available. However, I’d suggest you hold off updating, at least for a few days, until you are sure your theme and any essentially plugins are compatible with the new version.

Beyond compatability, I’ve run across a few puzzling deletions in the final version.

First – on the Plugin Upgrader. The buzz has all been about Bulk Upgrades for Plugins – but several people have reported that it is missing from the final, released version of WordPress 2.9

It’s not missing. It’s just another victim of WordPress’s User-Hostile interface design.

You’d probably expect to find the Plugin Bulk Updater in the Plugins section. But it is not there. Instead, it’s tucked away under Tools | Upgrade | Plugins. Bad design – great feature. 

Prior to the full release, there was talk of a built in URL shortener. This has, apparently, been available on for some time. The report I read said the new Short URL button would appear in the Post Edit window, right beside the permalink. But – not on my blog it doesn’t.

Of course, these are quibbles. There are many behind the scenes bug fixes and improvements that will make this a worthwhile upgrade (eventually). But it will be interesting to hear where the much ballyhooed features disappeared to.

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