Jun 19 2010

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0

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Word Press 3.0 Is Here

The Information Sells upgrade to WordPress 3.0 seems to have gone smooth as silk.

If you are going to upgrade, here’s my advice (I assume your blog is already at WordPress 2.9.2 If you are at an earlier version – follow the steps below to upgrade to the current version, then upgrade to 3.0 Don’t jump from, say, WordPress 2.6 directly to WordPress 3.0):

1. Be sure all your plugins are compatible with 3.0 and upgrade to the most recent version of all your plugins before you upgrade.

2. Be sure your theme is compatible with WordPress 3.0 and upgrade to the most recent version of your theme before you do the WordPress upgrade

3. Back up everything. If you are an Amazon s3 subscriber, do a manual backup to S3 using the Automatic WordPress Plugin If you are not an S3 subscriber, try using the WP-DB-Backup plugin and the WordPress Backup plugin (yes – use both).

4. Disable all plugins. Theoretically, WordPress will go into maintenance mode and disable your plugins. Also theoretically, nothing will go wrong, so you don’t need to back up, either. Back up, then disable all plugins.

5. Upgrade. I use BlueHost and have never run into any trouble using the automatic core upgrade. If, however, you have found that on your web host, you cannot automatically upgrade plugins, that you must enter your FTP password everytime you want to download a theme, or anything else happens where you have to do a step or two more than WordPress’s default upgrade requires – then I’d suggest you do the manual upgrade instead of the automatic one.

And there you are – WordPress 3.0!

This upgrade has gotten a lot of attention, but you may find that the new features are pretty underwhelming for a regular user with a single blog. Anytime anyone has to use the word “taxonomy” to describe a feature, my eyelids begin to droop.

Many of the new features are improvements to “the core,” that is, the guts of WordPress. Their value will become more evident in future versions, where you will not have to tweak the code to get them to work.

So is it worthwhile to upgrade? Yes – there are very important security features included in this upgrade. You should always keep your WordPress installs up to date. Is it necessary to upgrade today? No – you can safely wait another week to make sure all your plugins and your theme are compatible. But this upgrade has been in the works for a long time and most developers have been keeping their software up-to-date, so you shouldn’t have a problem upgrading.

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  1. Kat Simpson says:

    I upgraded, Dany – you’ll be proud of me! Now, to figure out how to learn to manage all 3 of mine on one dashboard – looking forward to that!

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