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Is eBay Your Boss or Your Landlord?

Rich Enough To Be Your Landlord

Rich Enough To Be Your Landlord

Whenever eBay makes a change to its Terms of Service, the howls of outrage begin.

How dare they say I can’t leave negative feedback? How can they tell me what payments I can accept?!? Why did they yank my auction for a VeRO violation and not the other guy’s? How dare they, how dare they, how dare they…??? Well, why, if it is intolerable, do you take it?

Pardon me for asking – but is eBay your boss or your landlord?

The internet is big. You can sell on eBay – it has millions upon millions of users. You can sell on Amazon. It also has millions upon millions of buyers. You can sell on Etsy. Or Overstock. Or your own web site. Try ebooks at eJunkie. Make music and sell it on CD Baby. You can try to make money with AdSense or affiliate links. You can run a membership site or a forum.

Or you can try all of the above.

Why do you think anyone can tell you what to do when the number of things you can do is almost limitless?

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Is the Traveling Lab Coat Coming Your Way?

This is from Cindy Shebley’s eBay Blog:

Janie Ruth

Janie Ruth

“This is a quickpost to let you know about a very special charity auction that is going on right now; The Traveling Lab Coat.

The traveling lab coat tradition started last year shortly after eBay Live. It’s a lab coat worn by an eBay employee during Live! The idea is to purchase it for the sellers charity, sign it and then turn around and sell it for your favorite charity. The first lab coat got lost somewhere in the Midwest. I think maybe a collector couldn’t let it go.

My friend and fellow Education Specialist CJ Jacinto user ID: XOXMAS purchased a second lab coat this year with the thought of continuing the tradition. The day she picked it up during eBay Live we all heard about eBay attendee Janieruth. She fell off a banister while visiting a local museum that morning. Janieruth fell on her head and was rushed to the hospital.

CJ decided then and there that her charity sale would be to help Janieruth and her family. Since eBay Live she has been working to find a way to make sure that the money goes to helping JR and the auction stays within the eBay Giving Works guidelines. As a result 50% of the proceeds are going to help Alabama Head Injury Foundation, Inc. The other 50% will go to Janieruths chipin fund to help the family directly. Janieruth has return to her home Alabama just recently and her life is slowly returning to normal

The auction is going on now – go check it out for more details.”

And this is a Get Well Message just for Janie Ruth from her friend Miz Virgo:

Flaming Peppershot

Raise a Flaming Peppershot to Your Good Health

eBay’s Shoot Share Win Contest

eBay is sponsoring a Shoot Share Win video contest to celebrate the way eBay users have contributed to charity through Giving Works.

As eBay explains: “Did you know that, since 2000, more than $118 million has been raised for charity from listings sold on eBay worldwide? … Through the Shoot. Share. Win! video contest, the eBay Giving Works team wants to celebrate the wonderful ways in which members have made a difference. …

Share your stories with us and you could win $5,000! Just shoot a 30 second to 1 minute video and a 100-word essay describing “How eBay Giving Works helped you make a difference.” Then send it to the eBay Giving Works team before December 21st (extended from the original date of December 5th!). You’ll find all the details on the Shoot Share Win contest rules page.”

Sample eBay Video

Here’s an example of a simple eBay video. These flash diffusers are a new item. I received many questions about how they worked and how you would attach them to your camera. So I created this short (1 minute) video to demonstrate how simple it is to attach the diffuser to your camera’s onboard pop-up flash.

And you can see the actual eBay listing here

Add Video To Your eBay Listings

The goal of this blog is to help you increase your sales and effectiveness by incorporating video to your eBay auction and store listings.

We’ll post tips about hardware and software, how-to hints, and even videos that will get you started.

If you have a video in your eBay listing – please post a link to it here – let’s all help each other!