Don’t Disappointed Your Buyers Before You Even Get Started

Not A Great Start

Not A Great Start

You already know how important first impressions are – but what is the first chance you have to impress your buyer? Is it the sales page? When they receive the package? When they open the box? The first time they pop the DVD in the player?

The old saying is wrong. It’s not that you never get a second chance at a first impression. The truth is, you must make a great first impression over and over again, because there are half a dozen “firsts” for each new product.

It is true – if your sales page is a disaster, that’s the end of that. Your first impression is probably your last. But if you haven’t already built a relationship with the buyer, you’ll have to introduce yourself again at every step along the way. You’ll have to pass the sniff test over and over before you are trusted.

So make every first impression count.

  • Take the time to write a good “Thank You For Your Purchase” email and make sure every buyer receives it.
  • Create a good-looking, post-pay landing page with more thanks, and other helpful information
  • If you are delivering physical products, wrap your package securely.
  • Ship in a cardboard box rather than a padded envelope if you are sending anything crushable, breakable, bendable

When your buyer first lays hands on your product, make them hum with anticipation. Look good, look professional. Make your packaging say, “Something great is coming!”

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