Is eBay Your Boss or Your Landlord?

Rich Enough To Be Your Landlord

Rich Enough To Be Your Landlord

Whenever eBay makes a change to its Terms of Service, the howls of outrage begin.

How dare they say I can’t leave negative feedback? How can they tell me what payments I can accept?!? Why did they yank my auction for a VeRO violation and not the other guy’s? How dare they, how dare they, how dare they…??? Well, why, if it is intolerable, do you take it?

Pardon me for asking – but is eBay your boss or your landlord?

The internet is big. You can sell on eBay – it has millions upon millions of users. You can sell on Amazon. It also has millions upon millions of buyers. You can sell on Etsy. Or Overstock. Or your own web site. Try ebooks at eJunkie. Make music and sell it on CD Baby. You can try to make money with AdSense or affiliate links. You can run a membership site or a forum.

Or you can try all of the above.

Why do you think anyone can tell you what to do when the number of things you can do is almost limitless?

Photo by The Rocketeer Released under Creative Commons License