Flip Video Camcorder & 4 CD Video Seminar

Are you using video yet in your eBay auctions or other online offerings?

If not – what’s holding you back? Most people I talk to cite two reasons for not jumping into the video revolution:

  1. It’s too expensive
  2. It’s too complicated

Well – that’s no longer true. The Flip video camcorder has made it super simple to shoot, edit, and upload video to You Tube. Check out the video posted on April 17 to see how simple it truly is. You can go from shooting, to uploading to your computer, to editing, to You Tube in under 5 minutes!

Cindy Shebley has prepared a special bundle for members of OSI Rock Stars – and she’s agreed to give readers of this blog a chance to get in on this early bird special offer as well.

Several months ago, Ghost Leg Media hosted a four hour seminar that covered everything you need to know about shooting, editing, and posting video online. These classes were not just theory – they were designed for online sellers, with the goal of boosting your profits. The series was extremely popular – and is now available on 4 CDs.

Cindy has combined the Flip Camcorder and the 4 CD set into a super bundle. Not only will you be shooting video immediately, but you’ll have the tools you’ll need in the future to expand your business.

You can pre-order this amazing bundle directly from Cindy. She’s even offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You won’t find a better deal.

Flip Camcorder plus 4 CD How To Use Video Seminar Bundle