GMail Predicts Your Future

GMail Knows and Sees All

GMail Knows and Sees All

Does your business use a FAQ?

OK – let’s reword that. Could your business use a FAQ? Sure it could.

Enormous amounts of time are spent answering the same questions over and over. Good Customer Service demands that we don’t say, “I AM SO SICK OF THAT QUESTION! READ THE %$#@ TERMS!!!!” Instead we politely type, for the 10,000th time, “Yes, we will be happy to combine shipping costs if you buy multiple items. Each additional item will only add 50¢ to the overall shipping and handling charges. Thanks for asking!”

You may have already set up a “copy & paste” text file with your most used replies. Or maybe you have a macro that works with your email program.

If you use GMail – you now have access to a super-cool new feature called Canned Responses.

Click on “Settings” in the upper right hand corner of the GMail screen. Now click on the very last tab, labelled Labs. Scroll about half way down the page, until you come to Canned Responses by Chad P. Tic the “Enable” radio button and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click “Save Changes.”

The next time you either reply to an email or start a new one, you’ll find a link called “Canned Responses.”

GMail's new Canned Responses feature

GMail Has A New Canned Response Feature


To start building your FAQ in GMail, click the Compose Mail link.  Don’t fill in the “To” or “Subject” lines – just go right to the body of the email. Copy & paste an answer from your FAQ, or write a new response. Click on the Canned Responses link and then click on “New Canned Response” under Save. A pop up will ask for a label. Give the response a short but descriptive title so you can find it among your many other canned responses. Click save. Close and discard that message.

Test your response by opening a new message, clicking on Canned Responses, choosing your response and allowing it to overwrite your current (blank) message.

Bravo! You are on your way to building an email FAQ that will save you time and cut down on typos and spelling errors.

If you want to learn more about GMail, you might enjoy the previous post in this series, GMail Reads All Your Mail, which explains how to read and write email from any email account without leaving GMail.

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