Is the Traveling Lab Coat Coming Your Way?

This is from Cindy Shebley’s eBay Blog:

Janie Ruth

Janie Ruth

“This is a quickpost to let you know about a very special charity auction that is going on right now; The Traveling Lab Coat.

The traveling lab coat tradition started last year shortly after eBay Live. It’s a lab coat worn by an eBay employee during Live! The idea is to purchase it for the sellers charity, sign it and then turn around and sell it for your favorite charity. The first lab coat got lost somewhere in the Midwest. I think maybe a collector couldn’t let it go.

My friend and fellow Education Specialist CJ Jacinto user ID: XOXMAS purchased a second lab coat this year with the thought of continuing the tradition. The day she picked it up during eBay Live we all heard about eBay attendee Janieruth. She fell off a banister while visiting a local museum that morning. Janieruth fell on her head and was rushed to the hospital.

CJ decided then and there that her charity sale would be to help Janieruth and her family. Since eBay Live she has been working to find a way to make sure that the money goes to helping JR and the auction stays within the eBay Giving Works guidelines. As a result 50% of the proceeds are going to help Alabama Head Injury Foundation, Inc. The other 50% will go to Janieruths chipin fund to help the family directly. Janieruth has return to her home Alabama just recently and her life is slowly returning to normal

The auction is going on now – go check it out for more details.”

And this is a Get Well Message just for Janie Ruth from her friend Miz Virgo:

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