Everybody Loves Me Except The Jerks

Not So Popular After All

Not So Popular After All

Lately, I keep seeing forums and blog posts where sellers are arguing with buyers.

Where is the profit in that?

What do you get when you win a fight with a customer? An ex-customer. Feel better now?

Do you know the cliche about Customer Service?

Rule #1 The Customer Is Always Right.

Rule #2 Sometimes the customer will be wrong. When this happens, see Rule #1.

This isn’t always an easy model to follow, because sometimes the customer is so wrong you want to smack them upside the head. Sometimes you have a valid reason for doing what you are doing. Sometimes 95% of your customers like what you are doing, you can’t please everyone, and besides, everybody loves you except the jerks.


Take a deep breath, and repeat: This isn’t a contest. This isn’t about me. The customer is always right.

It’s Not About You

When you create a product, you invest so much of yourself in its creation and success that it can be very hard to disentangle your emotions and your ego. But your business is not about you. Your advertising is not about you. Your product is not about you. You created those products so you could sell them to cranky, selfish strangers.

Love and approval comes from your friends and family. Customers give you money. In return for their money, you give customers:

  • A product as good as it can be
  • Your full attention
  • Your respect

When you don’t want to hear what your customer has to say, when you want to argue, when you are tempted to dismiss their criticism – ask yourself (in these exact words), “Where’s the profit in this?”

Let your customers have the last word. They are very smart. They are buying your products, after all.

Photo by Now and Here Released under Creative Commons License