Photo Story & You Tube

Some folks have trouble uploading Photo Story WMV’s to You Tube. This has something (no telling what!) to do with certain versions of the Windows Media 9 codec.

You’ll know you have the problem if you upload your WMV and You Tube takes an unusually long time to process the file. Finally, at the end of the process, you’ll see an error message saying You Tube could not convert the file.

PapaJohn, a Microsoft MVP in Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story, has provided a special Photo Story Profile that cures the problem. Here’s how to use it:

1. Go to
2. Find ‘YouTube-PS3-Standard-PapaJohn.prx‘ on the list of files, and right click to download it.
3. Save the file in c:Program FilesPhoto Story 3 for WindowsProfiles1033 folder on your computer.
4. Open Photo Story 3, open your project, and go to the ‘save your story’ page.
5. Select the ‘Settings‘ button, and from the profiles list, select the ‘YouTube PapaJohn standard profile‘.
6. Save the movie, and then try uploading again

Good luck – and thanks to PapaJohn for the fix and Bill Myers for the pointer to the fix