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Learn How To Make Money As An eBay Affiliate

How To Make Money with eBay Widgets DVD

Make Money with eBay Widgets DVD

Affiliate sales are a great source of passive income.

You don’t need to buy or track inventory, ship products, or even deal with customer service questions. All you have to do is find the right affiliate products and the people looking for those products, bring them together, and collect your commission.

For most of us, affiliate sales won’t produce riches, but they can be a steady and reliable income stream.

The eBay Partner Network is one simple way to make money from eBay without ever selling anything yourself. The Partner Network (also known as EPN) allows you to create links and widgets to eBay auctions. If someone clicks on your links and then buys a product from eBay, you get a commission.

Until recently, eBay’s affiliate program was run through Commission Junction. Early in 2008, eBay took the affiliate program in-house, and created the Partner Network.

This means that eBay affiliates have a new group of tools to learn and profit from. If you are new to affiliate sales and not sure how to get started, the eBay Partner Network might be right for you.

Cindy Shebley, author of several best selling eBay books, has produced a new DVD, called  Make Money With eBay Affiliate Web Sites, which details how to

  • Join the Partner Network
  • Buy a domain
  • Sign up with a web host
  • Build a web site
  • Create eBay Widgets

This DVD is perfect for anyone who wants to know how to get started selling on the web, not just for eBay affiliates.

The first half of the DVD will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of registering a domain, choosing and signing up with a web host, pointing your new domain name to your web host, building and uploading a web page.

It’s a real treasure trove of information.

The DVD has just gone on sale. The introductory price is $24.95 – but it is going to go up to $34.95 soon. So if you want to learn how to add affiliate income to your revenue stream, this is your chance.

Buy the DVD here.