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Should You Buy What You Need or Hold It All Together With Bailing Wire?

Held together by bailing wire and Hope

Held Together by Bailing Wire and Hope

MacGyver could build a rocket ship out of twine, tape, chewing gum, sealing wax and ingenuity, but that is no way to build a business. If your business is held together with bailing wire, duct tape and hope, now might be the perfect time to invest in yourself.

The tools you need to make information products are on sale – cheap – right now.

Amazon just dropped the price of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 by $30.00 – from $100 to $65.00.

The price of the Canon VIXIA HV30 MiniDV High Definition Camcorder has fallen below $600 from a list price of $1,000.00 just a few months ago. This (along with the HV20) has been the Camcorder of the Year for the last two years. There is not a better consumer camcorder available for less than $2,500.00.

Digital Juice has been selling Jump Backs (normally $50.00 – now reduced to $25.00) for as low as $3.95 as part of their Daily Specials.

Computer prices are falling daily, and likely to fall even more as manufacturers chase holiday sales. If you are in the market for a notebook, whether you want a powerhouse, desktop replacement or a portable, lightweight netbook, you’ll find them on sale on Black Friday.

If you can’t afford the new camcorder you’ve had your eye on – that’s fine. Budgets are part of business, too. It can be hard in times of economic uncertainty to invest in yourself. The temptation to squeeze just a few more months out of a failing computer, or to get by without upgrading some ancient software, or to pass up a sale on equipment is strong. Now is a bad time to pile up credit card debt.

But it is also a bad time to let your business deteriorate when you could make it grow instead.

Keep a close watch on the deals and discounts that will be popping up over the next month. A wise investment might pay for itself before the credit card bill arrives.

Photo by Brett L. Released under Creative Commons License

Royalty Free Background Music

One of the best ways to give your screencast or You Tube video some polish is to add a background music track. It is also one of the quickest ways to add a big line item to your budget – or to get into trouble down the road – since music is copyrighted and needs to be licensed for public use.

If you are a musician, you can create your own background music with applications like Sony’s Cinescore or Acid Music Studio For those of us without that gift, the alternative is Royalty Free music, which is also sometimes known as Buy Out music.

Buy Out music is all over the web – but much of it is of doubtful legality, so buy from a reputable source. Bootleggers will buy a music collection and then resell it – in violation of the license. Although you bought the collection with the best of intentions, you could find yourself saddled with additional licensing payments that far exceed any savings you got from buying the cheap download.

What’s the solution? Buy from someone you trust.

One of the best sources of royalty free, buy out music is Digital Juice’s Stack Traxx. These innovative background music DVDs come with multiple lengths for each track – usually 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, and full length (around 3 minutes). Each volume has between 20 and 40 tracks. The tracks are all recorded in layers. If you use Digital Juice’s free Juicer software, you can easily separate and split off layers.

For instance, if the strings in “Hero’s Journey” are exactly what you need for the introduction to your video, but the drums are all wrong – you can just turn off the drums with a single mouse click.

Would you like to experiment or learn more? Digital Juice offers about a dozen tracks for free – all you need to do is register.

I’d suggest you give a listen to these tracks and see if they suit your production:

It won’t cost you a penny to give these sounds a try. And your videos will instantly gain a professional edge. If you create and post a video using this tip – please post a link in the comments. We’d love to see it!

Soundtracks and Motion Backs

Do you want your videos to stand out? Nothing gets attention and adds a professional touch faster than a soundtrack or a motion background. These elements can cost a lot of money, depending on the source. One invaluable resource for videographers is Digital Juice – and they have a deal for you.

Digital Juice offers animation, sound, and motion libraries for your video productions. Plus they have a fabulous series of tutorials.

Now DJ is also offering free samples of royalty free music, animated backgrounds, and Juice Drops. All you have to do is register (which is free) to download. This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in producing better videos.

While you are there – check out the 12 Deal Days of Christmas. There are some great bargains.