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Let The Sun Shine

This quick video is part of a series demonstrating different techniques for getting great results with the Flip. Cindy Shebley, the author of Easy Auction Photography, and I took a Flip Camcorder to the Mukilteo Ferry Dock on a bright, sunny day to demonstrte how important it is to keep the sun in front of the subject of your photos and videos.

When the photographer is shooting directly into the sun, theĀ Flip tries to compensate by overexposing the subject. Note how much richer the colors are when the sun is behind the photographer.

This was bright, mid-day sun on a hot summer day. You can see that, even with sunglasses, I’m squinting constantly. An even better shot would have place the sun more to the side of the subject. Best of all would have been shooting either a little earlier of later in the day, when the sunlight was not quite as harsh.