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How To Add A Fan Page to Facebook

You’ve heard the statistics by now:

  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous country in the world, behind only China and India
  • Facebook had over 40 Million users in January, 2010
  • Facebook users are glued to the site and spending more and more hours there every month (up 10% just from Dec to Jan)

Facebook is the Number 1 social media site by a wide margin. Yet it can be baffling to navigate.

It has grown so quickly, that the usability of many features lags far behind the demand for them.

Cindy Shebley of  The Web Sellers’ Circle, put together a short video to answer a question she received about how to add a fan page to your Facebook profile.

Take a look:

The Advantage To Being Small

Be Ready To Switch Strategies

Adapt While You Still Can

Change happens rapidly.

Sometimes you go along, very successfully, doing what you’ve always done – doing what has always worked – and suddenly – BAM! – the tipping point is reached.

Overnight, it doesn’t work at all any more.

You are too late and too big and too invested in what you’ve already done to change.

Instead, you keep doing what you’ve always done… and you slowly become irrelevant.

Change creeps up on you and you never notice until it’s too late.

You’re successful. Your competition is nothing but a pack of annoying, yappy dogs, sqarming around your ankles. No one can challenge your pre-eminence.

Until that day that the new market you thought was a fad becomes the only game in town. And you are so far behind, you’ll never catch up… because all your energy went into securing your spot as #1 in the game no one plays anymore.

You’re Small – Be Nimble

You’ve seen big businesses and mighty institutions fail. Not just banks, but more to the point – auto companies, newspapers, broadcast TV, downtown department stores, computer big box chains…. the list is long and frightening.

The one thing they have in common is an inability to adapt.

They captured their market and then they protected it from the armies they’d already vanquished. They were blindsided by the real challenge, which came from nowhere.

They were too slow to change, too big to adapt.

Never Get Comfortable

Although the hype and triumphalism around all things Web 2.0 can be hard to take, something different is clearly happening.

  • The mass media is doing a wretched job of covering Iran – but Twitterers are sending reports from every street corner in Tehran.
  • Major metropolitan newspapers are disappearing, while blogs proliferate.
  • Retail chains disappear, online shopping grows, but established online giants like eBay continue to lose market share.

You, as an independent small business owner or information product producer, are in the perfect position to benefit from the shake ups and the chaos, if only you are ready and can change directions in an instant.

No one really knows what will happen next year (or next month).

  • Will Google still rule the universe?
  • Will the changes they are making to their ranking algorithms lock out the little guy – or will they rocket you to the top?
  • Will blogging become so mainstream it’s boring and people stop reading?
  • Will Amazon turn into the online Wal-Mart or will some new business model take them down?

I certainly can’t predict – but I do know that trends are easy to spot if you are watching for them. And easy to exploit if you are not afraid.

Don’t be tomorrow’s CNN, forced to turn to some kid with a cell phone and a Twitter account to do your job.

When you see a trend, divert resources to it. Be ready to catch the wave as it builds. Learn, investigate, invest. Don’t just be the leader in your niche – be a leader.

Photo by Lin Pernille ? Photography Released under Creative Commons License.

Social Skills Are Lacking In Social Media

Screaming Social Media

Screaming Social Media

Some months ago, I made a short Camtasia video about YouTube’s Audio Swap feature.

Now, I must admit that I am not all that emotionally invested in the background audio for my videos.  In fact, it’s been awhile since I thought of any music as more than background noise.

I don’t define myself by my taste in music, and music doesn’t define the people I know.

But I didn’t give any of that any thought when I made the You Tube tutorial. I just wanted to point out a new feature that some folks might find useful.

Well GOLLLLL-EEEE! as Gomer Pyle would say. What a response!

Teenage boys and young men are very attached to their music. There has been an avalanche of illiterate, obscene, sexist, ageist, anti-gay and just plain stupid comments. Most denounce YouTube and announce that it sucks… various things.

These comments aren’t directed at me or my video. They are, rather, the cry of children deprived of a beloved toy. Their music is a defining element of their identity. In some way, it made their video meaningful. And You Tube took it away.

(Of course, the recording artists and record labels demanded that You Tube remove copyrighted music, but that’s too fine a distinction for these lads.)

Every so often, I wander over to YouTube and look at the latest sewage that has washed up in the Comments section. And I wonder, “Is this what the Social Web has come to? Will everything be dragged to to the Beavis and Butthead level?”

Foul mouthed kids on the web, screaming morons on cable TV, talk radio… it’s enough to make you want to read a book.

Photo by Andrew Mason Released under Creative Commons License