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Learn To Build An Ecommece Site

A 3 Part Series Exclusively for Members of the Web Sellers’ Circle

If you’ve sold on eBay or Bonanzle, Amazon or Etsy for any time, you’ve probably wondered if you couldn’t make more money by also selling on your own web site. This short series will teach you how to build such a site – no matter your level of technical expertise. 

This 3 Part Series is an exclusive Web Sellers’ Circle Seminar. You must be a member to register.

Wednesday, March 24, 7:00 EDT; 4:00 PDT

This episode will cover the 5 tools you must have for an eStore

  • A PayPal account
  • A Domain Name
  • A Web Hosting Account
  • A Web Site Design
  • A Shopping Cart & Inventory

Where do you get them? How musch will it cost? How hard will it be?

Wednesday, March 31, 7:00 EDT; 4:00 PDT

This episode will get you beyond the bare essentials. We’ll cover optimizing your software for ease of use (for both you and your customers); SEO; Privacy Policies and Contact Forms.

Plus the most important Add-Ons and Plugins – where to find them and how to install them.

Wednesday, April 7, 7:00 EDT; 4:00 PDT

Finally, we’ll look at several shopping carts, both free and paid versions.

  • How do you integrate your payments with your cart?
  • How do you add inventory?
  • How many items do you need just to start?
  • How much does it cost?

If you are following along with the classes, when this series is done, you’ll have a fully functioning store online, ready to sell and accept payments. And you’ll have done it all yourself – like the enterprising bootstrapper you are. Congratulations!

Remember- these classes are a part of the Web Sellers Circle membership package. No charge to register if you are a member. All classes will also be recorded for posting on the site.

I hope to see you on Wed., March 24 (7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific time)

Check here for information on how to register for the How To Build an Ecommerce Web Site class(es)

Find out more about Joining the Web Sellers Circle here  Huge savings on annual memberships now available.

Last Chance To Enter To Win Free Web Site Set Up


On Monday, we will be drawing the name of the winner of the How to Make Money Online With Free Web Sites Giveaway contest.

The contest is open to any member of the Web Sellers Circle – even the $1.00 Trial Members.

You can find full details and rules here: Register To Win

In a nutshell, here’s what’s happening:

You supply the domain name and a web host with CPanel. We’ll do everything else


  • Help you choose a profitable niche
  • Help you sign up for a Google AdWords/AdSense account
  • Help you sign up as an Amazon Associate
  • Help you create a Commission Junction account
  • Help you register for eBay’s Partner Network
  • Build a web site using WordPress
  • Optimize the web site for best Google rankings for your longtail keywords

In return – you’ll own the web site and keep all the money generated through affiliate links!

What’s the catch?

  1. You must be a member of The Web Sellers Circle to be eligible ($1.00 Trial members are eligible)
  2. We cannot guarantee your acceptance in any 3rd party affiliate program (Amazon, EPN, CJ etc)

Nor can we guarantee that you’ll make lots of money. In fact, it is rare to strike it rich with just one web site. But by working with us and observing how to build a site, you’ll have all the tools you need to add another 5, 10, or 100 such sites to your web hosting account. The more you do – the more potential you’ll have to make a tidy affiliate income.

So don’t miss this chance to put the Web Sellers Circle to work for you. There just isn’t a down side.