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How to Extract Audio from a Flash Video

Although we all love watching video webinars, sometimes you just want to listen to the audio when you are away from your computer – maybe when you are driving or exercising or just relaxing outdoors.

You can’t add an FLV file to an MP3 player – but you can extract the audio from a webinar and convert the sound to an MP3 that can be played on an iPod or any other MP3 player.

This short video will show you how:

Free Webinar Today – Noon Pacific Time

Please join me today for a free webinar preview of the upcoming release of WordPress 2.7

We’ll be doing a special sneak preview of the WordPress 2.7, as well as reviewing some helpful techniques for the current version of WordPress.

If you’d like to join me on today for  this one hour webinar, go here and sign up:


No strings attached!

WordPress 2.7 Sneak Peak On OSI Rock Stars Webinar

WordPress 2.7 Beta 2 Demo

WordPress 2.7 Beta 2 Demo

Janelle Elms of OSI Rock Stars will be hosting a webinar with me on this coming Tuesday, Nov. 18, at 12 noon Pacific Time. Among other things, we’ll take a special, backstage sneak peak at WordPress 2.7’s new Dashboard and Plugin features.

I’ve installed a beta copy of WordPress 2.7 on my web site just for this webinar. So here’s your chance to get a look at all the new goodies – and when you see them, I think you’ll agree that some are very good indeed.

If you’d like to join this free OSI Rock Stars webinar, sign up here.

Free Class for Flip Video Users


Flip Video

If you purchased a Flip Video from CloverCityPhoto, there is exciting news. Cindy Shebley – author of Easy Auction Photography, owner of Clover City Photo, and holder of many other distinctions in photography online and off – is teaming up with me to offer a free class on how to get the most out of your Flip.

This class is being presented as a thank you to CloverCity shoppers – but if there are any unclaimed seats after Aug 10, we’ll open the doors to everyone.

Here’s Cindy’s official announcement in here August newsletter:

If you purchased a Flip Camera, you are invited to this Free Webinar on August 28th at Noon. Here’s the deal, the seats are very limited so sign-up quickly. It’s a first come, first serve webinar.

If by any chance there are seats open after August 10th, we’ll open it up to the public for $25.00 a seat.

I’m sending out invitations next week to all my Flip Customers. If you purchased your Flip from me, act now and sign-up – don’t wait for the email. This class is going to fill up fast.

Remember when the class is full – we close the doors on this free offering.

During the webinar Dany Byrne from Ghost Leg Media and I will cover:

  • How to get the best shots using a Flip Camera – lighting, the zoom feature, tripods, panning and more
  • Techniques I’ve discovered while using my Flip Camera
  • How to use the software that comes with the Flip
  • How to use the free Movie Maker Software that comes on all Window XP computers to splice short takes together
  • When you might want to upgrade to other video software and an overview of what Sony Movie Studio can do

Hope to see you in class! August 28th – Noon (Pacific)

PS: You can still purchase a Flip Camera from Cindy and get in on this class – click here to purchase

This one hour webinar promises to be fun. Please join us

You can register for this class through the Information Sells blog by using the contact form below. To register for the online class  use the subject line: Sign-Up For Flip Webinar.  Enter the email address you used when purchasing the camcorder. Cindy will send you a verification to let you know your seat is reserved.


Webinar Today at Noon

Dany Byrne from Ghost Leg Media is the guest his week on Success With Cindy, presented by The Online Success Institute and OSI RockStars.

Dany will explain some of the tools she uses to produce books, brochures, and videos for eBay sellers and the ways these same products can help eBay Educational Specialists sell their services, market upcoming classes, and turn one time students into long term clients.

Don’t miss this FREE webinar at the special time on noon on Monday, Jan 7 – you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be to create professional promotional material.

Register at www.SuccessWithCindy.com

Photo Story Tips

We had a question at the final Monday night webinar about saving finished Photo Story movies to your PC.

The actual “Save” process isn’t very intuitive. In fact, Microsoft seems to have thrown out the familiar steps and user interface for no good reason. But you can save both the project and the finished Photo Story movie.


The next to last screen you’ll see is pictured above (you can click the image for a larger, clearer image if necessary). You’ll get to it after you have added you music.

Click the Browse button (indicated on the picture) to get to the familiar “Save as…” window. Specify a name and location (Photo Story will save movies in the My Videos folder by default) and when you click next, Photo Story will build your movie as a WMV video and save it automatically.

Links From Today’s Webinar

If you are interested in the Flash Encoder or Flash Player discussed in today’s webinar, you can find them here:

Riva Flash Encoderhttp://www.rivavx.com/?encoder

AFCompnents Embedded Flash Playerhttp://www.afcomponents.com/blog/?p=14

If you would like more info about using these tools – take a look at the Beyond You Tube Training CDhttp://www.ghostleg.com/beyondyoutube.htm


Register Now for Tomorrow’s Free Webinar

The third webinar in the four part Using Video series will be tomorrow at 6 PM PDT.

Tomorrow’s webinar is going to look at editing your video for maximum impact using free and low cost software.

You might be amazed at how easy it is to create eye catching videos with nothing but a hand full of still photos and a copy of Photo Story. And did you know you can create scrolling credits using Microsoft Movie Maker?

Don’t miss out on the fun register for Part 3 and attend the seminar at 6:00 PM Pacific Time tomorrow. It’s free.