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Free Business Form Templates

Free Business Forms and Templates

Free Business Forms and Templates

Re-inventing the wheel can become one of the biggest time wasters in a one person business.

If you need something, and you have no one’s experience but your own to fall back on, you may end up building a spreadsheet from scratch when a template is already available – or writing a contract, designing a business card, creating an invoice, building a custom database… There are hundreds of daily tasks that someone has already simplified if you know wher to look.

If you are looking for basic business letters and forms in Word and Excel format, begin your search at Free Business Forms and Templates.

Site navigation is a bit funky. The collection of links on the front page isn’t a collection of links at all – nothing is clickable. To download the forms, click on the Download Forms button on the top navigation bar instead.

The few minutes you spend deciphering this web site’s poor design will be repaid in the hours you save not (re)creating documents.

h/t makeuseof.com